Thai massage of the feet

Thai massage of the feet using balsams and heat rubs
Foot massage, also called reflexotherapy, originates from China where it was used as many as 5 thousand years ago. Mainly feet are massaged; in the course of the massage the toes, metatarsus, heels and calves are precisely massaged, and thighs are gently massaged. In order to intensify the effect of the massage, bamboo rods are used that precisely follow the map of points to be rubbed on the feet. Heating ointments and gentle balsams soften the cuticle of heels and metatarsus bulbs. Repeated cyclical movements of the palm of the hand in the course of an hour-long massage significantly improve blood circulation. It levels states of bloating and stimulates the functionality of internal organs. Moreover, it strengthens the immune system, and significantly improves problems related with falling asleep. When combined with the traditional Thai massage, it is the perfect complement.
Thai massage of the feetThai massage of the feetThai massage of the feet