12 4221285 Św. Agnieszki St.
12 4306104 Poselska St.

In each of the May Thai Massage studies, we guarantee one or two-person quiet rooms – we do not practice the combined form of the massage of people unknown to each other in the same room.

May Thai Massage is a Thai studio of massage. It was established in Cracow at sw. Agnieszki st. “pictures” in the year 2010 and has been run by Ms Nutchalaporn Myszewski since then. In march 2014 second May Thai Massage studio has been established at Poselska st. “pictures” The massages performed by us are faithful reconstructions of the massages practised in Thailand, according to adopted and strictly observed rules.

We employ only and exclusively such massage therapists from Thailand who have acquired experience, completed special courses, and were trained at the Wat Pho temple – unquestionably one of the most famous schools of massage in Thailand.

Heat rubs, aromatic oils; balsams, as well as herbal compresses used at May Thai Massage are subject to checking and quality control performed by people connected with our studio in Bangkok – we guarantee their original origin; in the case of herbal compresses, we guarantee that they are only used once. In order to ensure maximum silence and at the same time to provide a suitable mood, the massage rooms are located in the carefully-renovated basement of a historic tenement – original arched vaults, mood music, pastel colours and warm interiors additionally strengthen the impressions originating from professionally performed massages – we cordially invite you!